Helix Autosport Factory:

The Helix Autosport factory has always been in Oxfordshire, the home of Motorsport within the UK, with a large number of race teams and automotive manufacturers based locally.

The factory is currently located south of Banbury, in the Vantage Business Park in Bloxham.  In 2016 Helix will be expanding by building an additional unit on the existing Vantage Business Park site.  This will allow the company to continue growing and adding to the range of parts available.

Helix Autosport is proud of the fact it designs, machines, assembles and tests all of its clutches and flywheel kits in house.

Helix Autosport's contact details can be found on it's website under: "Contact Us"


Helix Autosport team:

Design team - Utilise CAD/CAM software to draw all of the new products which it has under development and write CNC code.

Machinists - Set and operate the CNC milling machines and lathes, manufacturing products.

Technicians - Hand build & assemble it's products and test their quality using a variety of jigs, fixtures and fittings.

Office team - In charge of the paperwork, organising invoices, dispatching parts and replying to inquiries.


Machinery at the factory: 

Broaching machine - This allows Helix Autosport to produce almost any splines in the clutch plate centres, which engage with the first motion shaft of the gearbox. 

Dynamic balancer - This measures vibration of the components, ensuring the clutch cover assemblies and flywheels are within tolerance, so they will create no additional vibration once fitted in the car.

Test Rigs - These are used to test the performance of the clutch cover assemblies producing a plot of Clamp load release pressure and Displacement. 

Milling machines - Helix Autosport currently have 1 CNC Hurco Vertical machining centre, 1 CNC Hurco milling machine and 2 manual Bridgeport mills.

Lathes - Helix Autosport currently own 2 CNC lathes, these are predominantly used for manufacturing flywheels, driven plate hubs and alloy cover shells, the newest being a XYZ Proturn 325 lathe. 
Furthermore it has 3 manual lathes for turning pressure plates, custom bearings and other bespoke parts.