Custom Release Bearings 


Helix Autosport supply both hydraulic and mechanical bearings.

Reasons for manufacturing bespoke bearings:

  • Remove Historic Carbon thrust bearings and upgrading to modern ball type. 
  • Modifying the diameter & face of the bearing to be used with a multi-plate racing clutch.
  • Match an unusual engine and gearbox combination.
  • To change the engagement point of the clutch. 
  • Supply a bearing which is no longer available.


Racing Bearing sizes:

Manufactured from high quality, steel caged, radius contact, ball bearing with a fulcrum diameter of :-

  • 48 to 50mm for a clutch diameter of 140mm
  • 48 to 54mm for a clutch diameter of 184mm
  • 52 to 54mm for a clutch diameter of 200mm & 215mm

The release bearing should be positioned so that the bearing is not in contact with the diaphragm spring fingers when the clutch is fully engaged.
It is also IMPORTANT that bearing travel is limited to a set distance, otherwise damage can occur to the diaphragm spring; travel can be limited by means of an external stop.


Ball Races available:

Part No Dimension A Dimension B Dimension C Dimension D
40-1252 74.00mm 45.00mm 18.00mm 54mm
40-2429 67.00mm 40.00mm 19.70mm 52mm
40-3000 65.00mm 35.00mm 18.50mm 48mm HSHP
40-3001 70.50mm 40.00mm 19.00mm 54mm HSHP
40-3264 68.50mm 38.00mm 19.00mm 52mm
40-4941 63.00mm 40.00mm 14.00mm 51mm


NOTE: For the fitment of 184mm clutches to BMW vehicles special bearings are available:

  • 43-3002 for gearboxes with a 28mm x 10teeth spline
  • 43-3003 for gearboxes with a 28mm x 22teeth spline
  • 43-3004 for gearboxes with a 35mm x 10teeth spline


If a release bearing is needed for your car which is not currently produced, Helix Autosport is able to design bespoke bearings to suit your engine / gearbox combination. Part numbers for this start 43-0000. These are manufactured by machining 'Top-Hat' spacers from aerospace alloy to adapt the two parts.