Helix Autosport is a company with decades of experience in manufacturing bespoke clutches and flywheels and we possibly have the greatest knowledge in our specific field across Europe. It is because of this unique knowledge of motorsport clutches & flywheels, Helix Autosport have been asked to consult and advise the vast majority of sports car manufacturers within the UK, along with many Race & Rally teams.

We have been able to help with:

  • Assembly issues
  • Mechanical reliability problems
  • Advice on new engine / gearbox combinations
  • Investigating improvements to their products
  • General Problem solving

If you have technical questions about clutch design for your car please send us an email or call us and give us as much information as possible, including:

  • The mass of the car
  • The engine configuration
  • The power and torque output of the engine
  • As much information on the gearbox as possible
  • What the car is to be used for
  • Contact details
  • Approximate timing required for the project
  • Multiple or one-off requirement

Please respect the value of the intellectual properties within the company.