Racing Clutches

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Racing Release Bearings

Mechanical Bearings

When fitting a new racing clutch, a new release bearing maybe needed, depending on the diameter and shape of the face.
Helix Autosport design and manufacture a range of custom bearings to be used with our race clutches. 
More information can be found on our 'Bespoke Bearings Page.' 

Concentric Slave Cylinders

If a flat faced Concentric slave cylinder or flat faced release bearing is to be used, then a Top-Plate (TP) must be added to the top of your cover assembly.
This sits on top of the fingers for the release bearing to actuate against. 

Adding a top pad will increase the setup height of the cover by 6mm.


Gearbox Splines

Helix Autosport manufacture our driven plates with the choice of 45 different gearbox splines.
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The spline information is given as: the diameter of the spline and the number of teeth. For example 1" x 23Teeth.
If your spline is not listed, please supply us with the dimensions and we can manufacture it for you, however please allow up to 4 weeks for this service and prices are on application.



Racing Clutch Mounting Bolts

 Helix Autosport supply two types of bolts to secure our racing covers to the flywheel:

  • 5/16 UNF NAS bolts, these pass through from the rear of the flywheel and need to be a close tolerance fit through the flywheel. The heads of the bolts are located against a lip machined on the rear of the flywheel to prevent rotation, and are used in conjunction with K-lock nuts.
  • High quality socket head cap screws (min. tensile 10.9) diameter 8mm or 5/16” UNF located through the cover assembly and screwed directly into the flywheel.

More information on: torque figures, dimensions and fitting procedure for our racing clutches can be downloaded in our PDF catalogue.


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