Care Instructions

It is advised that regular inspection and maintenance is carried out to ensure the clutch operates to its optimum performance.
Remember, Helix Autosport have the ability to repair our own worn clutch components.
Click HERE for further information. 

General care:
> Ensure that the friction faces of the clutch are free from grease or oil. 
> The bolts are tightened down to the correct torque settings.
> Any rivets/fasteners holding components together should be tight with no rattles detected.
> All components are clean and free from dirt or dust before assembly. 

Cover Assemblies:
> The fingers which the release bearing actuate against should not have any grooving from contact with the bearing.
> Once the cover assembly is bolted onto the flywheel, the fingers should all be an equal distance from the flywheel face.
> Pressure plates should be checked for coning and replaced when more than 0.15mm out of flat.
> Any part of the cover appears to have been worn or damaged. 
Racing Covers:
> The cover assembly should also be a good press fit against the 2.5mm step of the flywheel. 

Road Covers:
> The cover should be a good press fit against 3 Dowels onto the flywheel. 

Driven plates:
Driven plates should be replaced if showing:
> Signs of damage or wear.
> Minimum material thickness.

> Should have a smooth, flat friction surface for the friction material of the driven plate to sit against. 
> Teeth around the circumferences of the flywheel should not be worn or damaged. 
> No sign of cracks to any part of the flywheel. 
> No heat distortion has taken place. (indicated by a blue colour)

> It is recommended that mechanical bearings are replaced whenever new clutch components are being fitted.
> Clutch cables or hydraulic system should be inspected and tested regularly. 

> For racing clutch kits, the 5/16th NAS bolts & K-nuts should be replaced after each use. 

For more information on repairing / replacing damaged components, please see our After Sales Service.
This leaflet is for guidelines only.